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our services range from a not-so-basic hand wash to a Q-tip service- our immaculately thorough detail. Listed below is our menu of services. We also offer "off menu" services as well- just ask!

- ($50 and up -depending on size)
It's the most meticulous car wash ever. We wash by hand ONLY.

service includes:
  • Exterior hand wash featuring Ultra Brite wax saving soap (contains liquid wax)
  • Hand drying with exclusive Leather Chamois (no hairline scratched)
  • Complete wheel cleaning and tire dressing
  • Complete interior wipe down
  • Window cleaning (safe on tinted windows)
  • Basic blow out and vacuum

THE VIP HAND WASH AND WAX- ($80 and up -depending on size)
Excellent protection and deep shine

service includes:

  • The VIP Hand Wash
  • 100% caranuba hand wax application

THE FAMOUS "WET LOOK"- ($150 and up -depending on size)
Our special own award winning application, great for dark color cars

service includes:

  • The VIP Hand Wash
  • 100% caranuba hand wax application
  • Application of Silicone Glaze (WET LOOK)

THE "MINI" DETAIL-($159.99 and up -depending on condition)
It's a complete exterior hand car wash and interior wipe down.

service includes:
  • the VIP Hand Wash
  • 100% caranuba hand wax application
  • Carpet shampoo and blow dry

-($299.99 and up -depending on condition)
Eliminate minor scratches and paint imperfections; say good bye to oxidation with our famous 5 step paint finish process.

service includes:

  • Step 1: Clay Bar Cleaning (surface preparation)
  • Step 2: Exterior Polish (a meticulous all over polish)
  • Step 3: Foam Pad Polish, Glaze and Shine
  • Step 4: 100% Hand Applied Caranuba Wax
  • Step 5: Polymer II Paint Sealant Application
  • Wheel Brightener & Chrome Polishing
  • Rubber, Vinyl and Plastic Protectant

THE VIP INTERIOR DETAIL-($249.99 and up -depending on condition)
It's a complete interior package specifically for getting your car's interior to that "like new"appearance and smell

service includes:

  • Ultra Luxe Shampoo- upholstery, carpets and door panels
  • Detailed "Q-Tip" Cleaning of instruments, vents, compartments and headliner
  • Leather & Vinyl Cleaning & Protectant
  • FabricGuard & Freshener
  • Blow Out, Vacuum, and Expert Soil Extraction

Personalized service is what we do! Call us for a consultation- we will do our BEST to accommodate your request!

additional services includes:

  • Expert Bio Material Removal
  • Hard Water Spot Removal
  • Acid Rain Treatment
  • Headlight Restoration
  • Steam Cleaning
  • and more!!!!
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