You guys did such a wonderful job on my car! Thank you taking the time to do the little "extras"- I was pleasantly surprised to see those spots removed- thanks!

~Karen S.
Los Angeles, CA

I was in a hurry and your wonderful staff took my car anyway and took care of me in under an hour. WOW was I impressed with the amazing service-you have a customer for life!

~Brandon K.
Pasadena, CA

My car was a MESS and you guys made it sparkle like new!! Thank you again for the great service. You know it;s why I keep coming back for more!

~Leslie R.
Beverly Hills, CA

I am speechless at the amazing job you did on my 2011 Lamborghini Murcielago. I am very picky with my detailer- and when my guy retired I had a hard time finding a new one. Your attention to detail is impressive and the job you did on my car was immaculate. I will be bringing my entire collection to you. Take care.

~Rick C.
Los Angeles, CA

OMG! I just tweeted about you to the WHOLE world -well LA at least! you guys ROCK!!!!!! Thanks for the AMAZING job you did and taking care of me on such short notice!

~Mel B.
Beverly Hills, CA

You turned a disaster zone into a fresh smelling new looking car, thanks for saving my butt!
~Sheila C.
Thousand Oaks, CA

I just watched a movie, had an awesome dinner with my date AND to top it off had my baby pampered by the greatest detailers in LA! Thanks guys- and Happy Holidays!

Keith J.
Burbank, CA

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About Us

We like to keep things simple: first and foremost, we are in the service industry. This means we are here to serve you. When you entrust us with your automobile, we offer you a range of services to fit your specific needs and budget.

We are a professional full service auto detailing company. This means that we are skilled in refreshing your car’s interior and exterior. Our top two technicians have over 30 years combined detailing experience, and it shows in their results.

With multiple locations at Los Angeles' premiere shopping destinations, our service is convenient and ALWAYS tailored to you our customer. Come and visit one of our properties and see why our service is a quantum leap apart from any other car wash or detail. You can enjoy the amenities of an ultra luxe shopping center- movies, fine dining, shopping, concerts, and more- while we pamper your automobile. 

The choice is clear. Come and see why Auto enthusiasts all around LA are raving about our elite service. Call us today to set up an appointment at the location most convenient for you.

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